Craig Evans, the principal of the MINDCODE practice, initially began helping his clients quit their smoking habit primarily using hypnosis.

Over time Craig noticed a corresponding pattern with clients that struggled with thoughts of smoking after their hypnosis session and those that relapsed after some time. Many of those same clients experienced no physical withdrawal symptoms.

A search for an answer through the literature ensued. A number of books and articles provided pieces to the puzzle, but there were pieces to the smoking puzzle that were either missing or didn’t make sense.

And so through a number of years of feedback from clients, as well as continued reading through various fields, Craig discovered the missing pieces of the smoking puzzle. And the MINDCODE method evolved into the highly effective program it is.

Craig is a licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Ericksonian Hypnosis and is an expert in the area of smoking cessation. He completed his NLP training in London with Dr Richard Bandler, the founder of NLP, and is a member of the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Craig furthered his studies in the application of NLP and hypnosis to smoking cessation through Clinical Hypnotherapist and trainer, David Botsford, also based in London. David developed a very successful smoking cessation method that consistently delivers results within one session.

Craig also received certification in the South African Institute of Hypnosis (SAIH) smoking cessation method, and has received training in the hypnotherapy technique of Parts Therapy. Craig is certified as a Parts Therapy Facilitator with the Charles Tebbetts Foundation, in the USA.