To understand how the MINDCODE method works it’s useful to have an understanding of the basic workings of the human mind. We have one mind, however our mind works on two levels; the conscious and the unconscious.

The unconscious mind is the automatic mind and is programmed from birth to respond automatically to the world, in five ways; through repetition, through peak emotional experiences, direction from authority such as parents and teachers, a desire for identity and through our imagination.

You can think of the unconscious mind as the automatic pilot of the mind. It runs all the things we don’t need to think about, including our breathing, heartbeat and immune system, as well as our automatic emotions and our habits, both good and bad habits. The right-brain left-brain model in psychology suggests that the right side of the brain is the seat of the unconscious mind.

And we also have a conscious mind. It is the part of the mind where we tend to live. It is whatever we are aware of in any given moment. We think, we make decisions, and we are motivated to act on those decisions with our conscious minds. It is suggested that the left side of the brain is the seat of the conscious mind.

Both levels of mind are contributing their part to the smoking habit and so to stop smoking permanently both levels of mind must be attended to. Each level of our mind has a different mind language, a different code, if you will. And this is the basis of the MINDCODE approach. It is a whole-mind approach to stopping smoking.