The Habit

Since the unconscious mind is the automatic mind, it’s the mind that runs the smoking habit and it also generates the craving to smoke. Smokers feel they NEED to smoke because they have cravings. The only thing preventing someone who really wants to stop smoking easily, from being able to do so, are cravings.

The conscious mind is the thinking-mind and is where one’s perception of smoking resides, the idea that smoking is enjoyable or beneficial. And this is where one’s motivation or WANT to smoke is generated.

The vast majority of smokers start smoking at a young age. When a youngster starts smoking they don’t have unconscious cravings. They have a strong motivation to smoke, based on their conscious perception that smoking is cool or that they will be cool. That motivation is so strong that they force themselves through the unpleasantness of starting smoking.

For the unconscious mind to form a habit all we do is to practice it, making use of conscious repetition. The unconscious mind trusts that if we are consciously choosing to repeat something that it must be important to us and our survival. And so an unconscious craving is generated at those times that smoking is repeated.

And so adult smokers have both an unconscious NEED to smoke, based on unconscious cravings through repetition in the past, and a conscious motivation or WANT to smoke, based on their perception that smoking is enjoyable or beneficial in some way.

In order to stop smoking permanently one has to change one’s unconscious habit of smoking, and the resulting craving, as well as change one’s positive perception of smoking, and the resulting motivation to smoke. When a person that has successfully stopped smoking relapses, they made a conscious decision to smoke again, because they had not yet completely changed their conscious perception of smoking.

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